Sealed tenders affixed with the revenue stamps worth Rs. 5/- (Rupees five only) are invited from the registered manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and firms for supply of Chemicals, Lab. Equipments, Appliances, Electric & Electronic Gadgets, Computers, Laptops and other allied items for the college. The tenders addressed to the Principal, Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar on the letter-head of the party attached with a call deposit receipt of Rs. 5,000/- for each department pledged to the Principal, Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar should reach the office of the undersigned by or before 31-12-2015 upto 3:00 P.M. In case of any holiday falling on the said date due to one reason or the other the tenders can be deposited on the next working day. The tenders will be opened on the next day. The comprehensive list of items alongwith terms and conditions can be had from the office of the undersigned against a cash payment of Rs. 300/=. The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tender(s) without assigning any reason thereof.

The interesting parties will have to pour their tenders in respect of each department separately.
The successful tender(s)/supplier(s) shall have to produce the following documents alongwith their tenders:
1. Latest VAT clearance certificate depicting therein TIN No. as well.
2. Certificate of being registered Dealer/Govt. Supplier of the manufacturer for the items under tendering process.
Note: The successful tenderers shall have to execute an agreement with the college. Conditional and ambiguous tenders shall not be entertained.

Prof. (Dr.) G.M.Tibet Baqal