The Department of Chemistry is developing the chemistry research lab on the latest lines to make the lab one of the best labs of the state colleges. The lab is being equipped with the electronic gadgetries of the latest configuration like:

  • GC Chromatograph shimadzu with FID detector and porapaq Q column.
  • FTIR jasco with high resolution,
  • UV visible spectrophotometer, shimadzu, 1700 pharma spec,
  • Water analysers,
  • Microprocessor controlled UP and conductivity meter,
  • Polargraphs with DME facility,
  • Rotoevaporators,
  • Microprocessor controlled water baths,
  • Digital refractometers,
  • Electronic balance etc,

 for carrying the research in the field of solid state Chemistry, macrocylization, kinetics, Thermodynamics,  Quality and Quantitative analysis, the lab has been computerized with Pentium IV Computer, Scanner, Printer, UPSD system for data and Storage of official records.