To promote environment awareness among the people, the department of Botany and Zoology has established an Eco-Club in the college with the following objectives:

  •    To conduct Seminars, Debates, Group / Panel discussions on different topics related to ecology and environment with special reference to the valley of Kashmir.
  •     To organise anti pollution campaigns for inducing the people to refrain from causing environment pollution and imbalance.
  •     To organise plantation in the month of March, April of Hari Parbat Hill and on other wastelands.
  •     To educate the people about the importance of forestation for human life and dangers of deforestation.
  •     To protect the endangered species of the valley of Kashmir.
  •     To educate the people to conserve and protect the various water bodies particularly Dal Lake, Anchar Lake and Wular Lake.
  •     To create awareness about protection and management of rich wildlife of Kashmir Valley.
  •     To develop a sense Eco-friendly behaviour/ attitude.