Department of Commerce

Established in 1961 the Department of Commerce is the oldest department of the college and is one of the first to offer business education in the valley. The Commerce Department is the largest department of the college given that it caters to more than 60% of the total student enrollment of the college. It also offers the largest number of courses viz three undergraduate programs (B.Com /BBA / B.Com (Hons.) and one post graduate program (M.Com) and two One year Diploma Programs (Stenography & Short hand under autonomous character & Crewel and Craft Development through Central University of Kashmir. The PG Department of Management studies (offering MBA) was also carved out of the department in 2005 and faculty transferred to it. The department has a total of nine permanent faculty members. Among many activities of the department one regular feature is the weekly Business Club. It hones the communication skills and aids the personality development of participating students and also keeps them updated about the happenings in the corporate world. The college organizes conferences and workshops with active participation from the students. Every year industrial tours both within and outside the state are taken up in order to connect the students to the industry. The department works in close coordination with the Career counseling and placement cell of the college for assistance in job applications and opportunities in higher education within India and abroad. The Alumni of the department is very rich ranging from entrepreneurship to academia to bureaucracy. Many pass outs have made a mark in corporate sector and are doing extremely well. The department lately has been entrusted with the running of ‘Research Hub in Commerce & Management’ by the Department of higher Education J&K.

To be one of the best Commerce and Business Management education imparting institutions in India.

To inspire and prepare learners to be responsible citizens, effective business professionals, entrepreneurs, business academicians and researchers. All this to be achieved by way of imparting quality business education and developing a robust Academia-Industry interface.

• Number of students on rolls. The department has highest number of students enrolled among all faculties in the college.
• First in the valley to offer Commerce education at UG and Management education at PG level.
• Number of courses imparted. The department has B.Com, BBA & B.Com (Hons) students enrolled. Also two diploma courses (Stenography & Craft development) are being imparted.
• A large reserve of accumulated BBA & BCom (Hons) fund amounting to crores of rupees, collected as fees and payment for self financed seats for these two courses.
• Strong Alumni, Weekly business club and departmental book bank.
• Shortage of permanent teaching faculty. The department caters to five courses with thousands of students on rolls, with only eight (08) permanent faculty members.
• Acute shortage of Non-teaching staff. The department caters to five courses with thousands of students on rolls, with only three non teaching staff members.
• Shortage of Classrooms and furniture.
• Weak industry linkages. Not a strong mechanism in place for regular industrial tours and association with other institutions
• The department envisages to start integrated BCom-LLB course as already discussed with the Central University of Kashmir
• Utilisation of BBA and BCom (Hons) funds for international exposure to the students of commerce and management by way of educational and industrial tours, faculty and student exchange programs, infrastructural development and other relevant activities particularly for the department of Commerce.
Tremendous scope for Academia Industry linkages, creation of an academia-industry consortium.
• The challenge to maintain quality standards given the shortage of manpower particularly the permanent teaching faculty.
• Utilization of BBA fund for Non Departmental (Non Commerce) activities, resulting in underdevelopment and neglect of the premier courses (B.Com, BBA & B.Com (Hons.) of the college.
• The issues arising due to overcrowded classrooms given the shortage of infrastructure and furniture.
• Weak industry linkages result in pass-outs lacking the proper skill set to get employed and work satisfactorily in the corporate sector.

B.COM (Hons)

Bachelor of Business Administration
The programme expected to enable the students to
• Demonstrate competency across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles to analyse and evaluate problems and to construct and implement solutions in the business environment.
• Perform teamwork and leadership skills in the evaluation of organisational conditions using a system perspective to determine necessary action.
• Practice high level of professionalism necessary to deliver the knowledge expertise and skills of students through the application of research to business problems and issues.
• Recognise the need to adopt business practices to the opportunities and challenges of an evolving global environment.
• Identify, evaluate, analyse, interpret and apply information to address problems and make reasonable decisions in a business context.
• Communicate in a business context in a clear, concise, coherent and professional manner.
• Demonstrate the understanding and ability to apply professional standards, theory, and research to address business problems within specific concentrations
• Development and implement functional and general management skills make strategic decision in real era.
• Build and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, social skills and communicate effectively in different contexts.
B.Com Hons
The programme is expected to enable the students to
• The knowledge and capability of understanding the business world and its complexities.
• Develop the ability and competence to have a problem-solving approach towards the issues which accompany the dynamism attached to the business world.
• Inculcate attitudes and character that will help students evolve into sensitive and technically sound future business leaders rather than managers and aims at enhancing employability options of the students.
• Instilling learnability among students for up-skilling and re-skilling even in later part of life.
After completing this programme, the students will be able to prepare a progressive mindset by developing following attributes, qualities and skills:
• Disciplinary Knowledge: The curriculum planning of B.Com. (Hons.) course envisages the students demonstrating inclusive knowledge of the areas related to finance, human resource management, marketing, international business, corporate and business laws, accounting and taxation etc.
• Critical Thinking: The graduates of this programme will be trained to develop skills and attitudes needed for critical thinking and adopting a comprehensive problem solving approach. They shall be exposed to the pedagogy that helps them understand real life situations through case-studies.
• Communication Skills : The teaching learning pedagogies used in the programme make the students capable enough to deliver and communicate information effectively with a mark.
• Cooperation/Team Work :The curriculum also inculcates in the young minds the qualities of teamwork, cooperation and solidarity which can be seen as a vision of the current business world though full of competition.
• Research Related Skills: The curriculum planning of B.Com. (Hons.) programme not only infuses into the students the skill set and competence required to maintain the national standards but also makes them competent enough to be capable of comprehending international frameworks keeping in view research aspects in consideration.
• Moral and Ethical Awareness The courses also involve training the students to check unethical behaviour, falsification and manipulation of information in order to avoid debacles which can be seen rising persistently over the period of time. It would also help in making responsible citizens and facilitate character building.
• Lifelong Learning : This course broadens the horizons of the students by making them understand the intricacies of the business world and overall the economics of the country as well as the world.
• Information/Digital literacy: This programme enables the students to be technologically updated as it has courses like computerised accounting system, computer applications etc. which not only make them work using software but also makes them independent enough in this world of digitization.
• Multicultural Competence: The courses of this programme give a global perspective to the students such that they will be able to integrate national values and beliefs with international culture and competence.
• Reflective Thinking: This programme enables the student to analyze the situation objectively and give effective arguments and judgments on the basis of the analysis being done.
• Scientific reasoning This programme enables the students to think of a given problem or situation from different perspectives like economic, financial, social,

  1. Ph.D

    Associate Professor

    Domain : Finance

  2. Ph.D

    Nasreen Chasthi
    Associate Professor

    Domain : Organizational Behaviour

  3. Ph.D

    Ajaz Ahmad Mir
    Associate Professor

    Domain : Accounting and Finance

  4. Ph.D

    Mohammad Yaseen Malik
    Associate Professor

    Domain : Marketing

  5. MBA

    Mohammad Rafiq Lone
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : International Business

  6. Ph.D

    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Finance

  7. Ph.D

    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Marketing Management

  8. Ph.D

    Shamima Kamili.
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Human Resource Management

  9. Ph.D

    Tabasum Nazir.
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Marketing

  10. M.Com NET-JRF

    Gowhar Muslim Shah
    Assistant Professor

    Domain : Finance

• Smart Class Room with seating capacity of 60 students.
• 32 mbps Wi-Fi connectivity
• Photocopy facility
• Departmental Library