Department of Management Studies

Management education is widely recognized an advanced and professional discourse that educates an individual about varied manifestation of the management and Business education. It involves a life time process and continuum of learning with self-teaching and initiative beyond the business school, work experience, on the job training and management at the corporate level. The subject empowers a learner to emerge as a viable skilled and knowledgeable human resources for the corporate sector and society at large. It is in this context, that the Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar way back in 2005 established a full-fledged PG Department of Management Studies, to offer two year full time MBA programme. For this purpose, the College put all the requisite physical and human resource in place to get the course recognized from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The central objective of the programme is to provide quality management education.
The PG Department of Management Studies, over the years have contributed to the domain of management education and as a result, the department has gained wide reputation across in the state in general and in Kashmir Division in particular. It is on account of this fact that the PG Department of Management Studies, Islamia College of Science & Commerce still remains a choicest seat of learning among the aspirants of business education.

We aspire to take the department to the topmost level of academic excellence by keeping pace with the radical changes taking place in the field of business education.

Our mission is to spearhead the dissemination of business education and evolving the students into responsible citizens of the country.

Huge Reputation
Supportive work environment
Effective teaching and learning Curriculum System
Inadequate faculty
Poor Academic and industry linkages
Lack of placement facilities
Poor liberty and freedom
Demand for Business Graduates
Change in market Needs
Emerging academic Autonomous
Growing number of Corporate business entities
National and international Competition
Rising stakeholders expectations
Placement of students
New Technology
New Regulations

MBA Programme ( 2 Years full time)

Intake capacity ( Approved as per AICTE) : 60 ( Sixty )

The total intake capacity of students to the programme is 60 (Sixty) approved by AICTE, New Delhi, comprising of 06 (six) seats under Self Financing Category and 36 (thirty six) seats or 66 2/3 % of remaining 54 seats for General Category and 18 (Eighteen) or 33 1/3 % for Reserved Category specified by the State Government from time to time. The Selection of the candidates is purely made on the basis of Merit of CMAT Score obtained by the candidates both under General Category and Reserved Category.
Admission Policy The principal aim of the admission policy of the Department of Management studies is to provide high quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system and to avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of gender, religion or belief. Apart from which, our admission policy ensures proper admission procedure with respect to each application received for admission.
Once students are admitted to our Institution, we ensure that they are given the academic , personal and where ever possible financial support necessary for successful completion of their course. The Department of Management studies strictly follows the norms, rules and regulations of AICTE, New Delhi for admission of candidates to MBA Programme. In tune with AICTE guidelines, the Department follows the National calendar for admission to MBA Programme and accordingly, the Department invites the applications annually in the month of July- August from the desirous candidates who are willing to seek admission in our college for the said Programme.
Admission Process and Selection Procedure
The PG Department of Management Studies of the college follows the National Calendar for admission of candidates to MBA Programme and adheres strictly to the AICTE prescribed rules and procedures for the same. Accordingly, the department invites the applications annually in the month of July-August from the desirous candidates for the programme. The candidates having under mentioned qualification are eligible to apply for the course.
Qualifying Exam
Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) conducted by National Testing Agency
a) Graduation in Management, Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Law (Professional), Engineering, Medicine, Technology etc. or any other degree recognized by University of Kashmir as equivalent to said degree or
b) Having passed the final examination of the institute of Chartered Accounts/Cost & Works Accountants and Company Secretaries of India.
c) Candidates having secured not less than 50% marks in case of open merit and 45% in case of reversed categories in aggregate at Bachelor Degree Level.
Preparation of Selection List
The following procedure is adopted to prepare selection list.
(i) Total seats available for MBA program is divided among each category as specified in the reservation policy.
(ii) All seats available under the open merit category except any fractional part is allotted to eligible candidates in order of their merit irrespective of their applied categories.
(iii) In case, no eligible candidate is available under a particular reserved category, the seat(s) including fractional part under that category is shifted to open merit category. In case, the number of eligible candidates available under a particular reserved category is not sufficient, the remaining seat(s) including fractional part under that category is shifted to open merit category.
(iv) Fractional part attached to open merit category left in (i) above and seats resulting from (iii) above including their fractional parts is clubbed together (added) to calculate further seats to be allotted under open merit category. This number is rounded to nearest integer (i.e. if greater than or equal to 0.5, one seat is allotted).
(v) A seat matrix indicating number of seats and fraction of seat for each reserved category is prepared.
(vi) Candidates is selected in order of their merit from each reserved category as per the seat matrix prepared in step (v) above leaving behind any fractional part at this step.
(vii) Selection of candidates against fractional seats is made from only those reserved categories whose fractional part was added in step (vi) above.
(viii) The fractional seats is given to candidates in order of their respective merit, from each reserved category, which has not been represented in step
(vii). (ix) Remaining fractional seats (if available) is allotted to candidates in order of their respective merit from reserved category (subject to maximum of one seat per category) whose fractional part was added in step (vi) but were not given a seat in step (vii).
(x) If at any stage no eligible candidate is available for admission from a reserved category, that seat/fractional part is shifted to open merit category and filled up.
Reservation Policy
The department of Management studies of the Islamia college of Science and Commerce, Srinagar strictly follows the Reservation policy of the Government of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir
Document Retention Policy
The Department of Management studies adheres to the AICTE rules regarding the Document retention policy and do not retain the original documents of students.
Admission Fees (2020)
1st and 2nd Semester: Rs. 15900
3rd and 4th Semester : Rs. 14300

Objectives of MBA Programme
The Objective of the MBA Programme is to Educate and prepare a diverse group of Students with the knowledge, analytical ability and management perspectives and skills needed to effectively manage and lead organizations. The Course is designed to Prepare Students for careers in management and leadership in both private and public sectors.
Outcome of the Course
Upon Successful completion of the MBA Program, Students will
1. Apply best Management practices to solve management issues?
2. Apply decision-making techniques to management Problems?
3. Implement leadership skills to work effectively within diverse teams.
4. Evaluate and integrate ethical considerations when making business decisions.
5. Identify business opportunities, and implement innovations in work space.

  1. Ph.D

    Tarooq Ahmad Ganaii
    Associate Professor ( Director )

    Domain : Finance

  2. Ph.D

    Nasreen Chasthi
    Associate Professor

    Domain : Organizational Behaviour

  3. MBA

    Sheikh Saheel Ahmad
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Marketing, Communication Systems & Strategic Management

  4. Ph.D

    Saba Mattoo
    Assistant Professor

    Domain : Organizational Behaviour & General MGT.

The department houses infrastructure of par excellence. The infrastructure of the department is well fit for the delivering management education. The classrooms of the department are well furnished, with 24x7 electric facility, air conditioners, Wi-Fi facility, overhead projects and properly Ventilated. The department has two big computer labs with 32.5 Mbps internet service line housing more than 40 computers with reprography facility, etc. Moreover, the department has a departmental library housing about 6,500 books on all areas of management, besides, the other allied tittles. Further, the department has full-fledged reading rooms, two separate common rooms, one each for boys and girls, a medical aid center, cafeteria and washrooms with well maintained.
<>b>Audio Visual aids
In order to Enhance teachers skills for effective teaching –learning process and to make learners active in the classrooms and to Communicate them according to their capabilities, the department has in place different audio-visual aids to make teaching process more interesting and more effective.

01. Projectors : 04
02. Interactive White boards : 02
03. White boards : 05
04. Computers : 50
05. CD’s : 74
06. Text Books : 6000
07. LCD : 01