Department of Bio-Chemistry

The Department Biochemistry was established in the Year 2001 with one staff room, one main store and one lecture room. Dr. Qazi M. Ashraf (on deputation from Chemistry) acted as H.O.D. from 14-8-2001.
Introduction of Bio-Chemistry was published in the news items in local paper dated 20-4-2002. The Inspection Team of the University in connection for grant of affiliation to the introduction of Bio-Chemistry visited vide No F (Aff-Bc) Acad /KU/2002 dated 27-5-2002.
On 5-6-2002 Inspection for grant of affiliation to the introduction of Bio-Chemistry at undergraduate level was done by the various faculty members of Kashmir University On the recommendation of the Board of Inspection the Vice-Chancellor (KU) in anticipation of the approval syndicate approved intake capacity of Bio-Chemistry to 20 students vide No.F(Aff-IC) Acad/KU/2002 dated 26-10-2002. In the year (2002-2003) The department enrolled only 20 students having only three staff members out of which one was deputed from Chemistry department, one on permanent basis and one on contractual basis.
March 4/2003 the inspection team comprising faculty of Science, Dr. Khursheed Andrabi (H.O.D.) Biochemistry. As per their statement the Department. Of Biochemistry has sufficient manpower to cater to the requirements of about 20 students.
On March 17, 2003 Vice Chancellor was pleased to enhance the intake capacity to 40 students from session March 03-04. And onwards K.U. enhanced the intake capacity of the students in Bio-Chemistry from 20-40, from session March 2003 vide No.F (enhancement BC/Acad/KU/2003 dated March 17,2003).
Currently the Department has two Labs and a staff room. The intake capacity has surged to 90 students per semester. It has facilities and other infrastructure for all the classes to teach the Biochemistry portion The pass percentage during the session 2016(B.Sc 1st semester ) comes about---100%
The pass percentage during the session 2017(B.Sc 2nd semester) comes about---100%
The pass percentage during the session 2017(B.Sc IIIrd year) comes about----99%

Producing quality students trained in the latest tools and technologies and striving to make college a world leader in the area of biochemistry. To achieve academic excellence in biochemistry of imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever-changing industrial demand. To be a centre of excellence in the discipline of biochemistry.

To provide quality education to the students through state of art and education in biochemistry. To provide a learning environment that helps the students to enhance problem solving skills, be successful in their professionalises and to prepare students to be lifelong learner by offering solid theoretical & practical foundation in various discipline of biochemistry and educating them about their professional and ethical responsibilities. To provide exposure to students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of biochemistry. To develop the man resource with sound knowledge theory & practical in the disciple of biochemistry and the ability to apply knowledge to the benefit of the society at large.

1. We stand out as a unique alternative to student.
2. We offer consistently high quality as far as education is concerned
3. We have assembled a team with experience that embrace different topics with the expertise in all areas of the subjects offered by the department.
1. Don’t have adequate space for the labs.
2. The department does not have a store room, class room and in addition we lack a smart class room
1. Our students can set up their own labs outside and can run their livelihood in a getter possible way, besides getting knowledge of their own physical health.
1. Lack of proper space in the labs with the result there remains always a threat of fainting of students of and on as the dangerous fumes of strong acids gets accumulated all around.
2. Erratic time table changes disturb the internal departmental time table.
3. If our labs are not modified immediately as far as space is concerned, we may see a drop in the roll of the students in our department.

We offer Biochemistry as one of the subjects in BSc. Besides we offer Nutrition and fitness I, Nutrition and fitness II, Food preservation and Quality evaluation of food as skills.

Biochemistry is the study of biological phenomena at the molecular level. Its aim is to understand the fundamental chemical principles that govern complex biological systems. Students will explain/describe the synthesis of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates and their role in metabolic pathways along with their regulation at the epigenetic, transcriptional, translational, and post-translational levels including RNA and protein folding, modification, and degradation.

  1. M.Sc

    Abid Mirza
    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : BioChemistry

  2. Ph.D

    Huma Habib
    Assistant Professor

    Domain : BioChemistry

We have the latest lab equipment’s and dedicated staff. LCD projector
Overhead projector
Smart board