Department of Botany

The Department of Botany started functioning with the inception of the college in the year 1961. Since then, the Department is seriously involved in moulding students into scholars and shaping their future. The Department is having the reputation of producing some outstanding scholars who shined on the sky of fame at both national and international level. The Department is exploiting the services of experienced, highly qualified and skillful teachers who leave no stone unturned for chiseling polished and quality human resource.

Our vision is to emerge as the Centre of Excellence, innovative thinking, knowledge generation, deep intellectual transformation, human resource development of global appeal, adaptability and employability.

Our mission is to foster an environment of excellence by attracting outstanding students, and offering excellent teaching and training programs to infuse and guarantee extraordinary competence in plant sciences. We are committed to provide supportive environment for innovative thinking, new ways of understanding, collaborative work, nurture and inculcation of values, promotion of talent and skills, intellectual and social transformation. Our mission is to provide every student with individual opportunities to excel. We aim for a better tomorrow, better life, better society and better world.

Strength of the Department
1. Highly qualified and experienced Faculty.
2. The Department is exploiting and enjoying the services of seven experienced, dedicated and highly qualified faculty members with diverse research specializations.
3. The Department is offering a conducive and supportive environment for teaching- learning and other student oriented academic activities, providing every student with individual opportunity to excel.
4. The Department has a wide array of resources and rich infrastructure which make teaching learning easy, effective, impressive and meaningful.
5. Well-equipped Laboratories, Herbarium, rich Museum, Botanical Garden with rich systematic and floral diversity, a pond housing aquatic plants, rock garden, a hot house, a poly house, fern house and other assets at the Department help strengthen and make our teaching and training programs of plant sciences enormously effective, practical, concrete and result oriented.
6. Audio-visual facilities for effective teaching learning process.
7. Regular Field based studies for teaching-learning classical Plant Sciences.
8. Efficient mentorship and periodical student evaluations.
1. Lack of advanced equipments to carry out experiments in molecular biology of plants.
2. Dearth of teaching and non-teaching staff.
The Department has enormous opportunities for collaboration with other academic and research bodies for starting Interdisciplinary research projects and draw funding from national agencies like UGC, DBT, DST, ICMR, and ICAR. This can galvanize the research infrastructure and knowledge base of the Department and help achieve multiple short and long term goals associated with our vision.
Globally there is a lot of scope for skilled botanists or plant scientists with enormous experience and training in molecular techniques and handling advanced equipments. Trailing on this front, this limitation has to be urgently overcome to make our students relevant globally and compatible for diverse frontiers of science.

The Department of Botany offers three programs to students
1. Three years B.Sc. Hons. Program in Botany
2. 5 years Integrated Post Graduate Program in Botany
3. Two years Masters program in Botany
Three years B.Sc. Hons. Program in Botany
Passed 10+2 with biology from a recognized Board with 50% marks for open merit and 45% marks for reserved categories
Intake: 80
5 years Integrated Post Graduate Program in Botany
Passed 10+2 with biology from a recognized Board with 50% marks for open merit and 45% marks for reserved categories
Intake: 20
Two years Masters program in Botany
Passed graduation with Botany as one of the subjects from a recognized university/college with 50% marks for open merit and 45% marks for reserved categories
Intake: 20

B. Sc. Honours Botany
1. It is a specialised program which infuses in students a vast and deep insight of the subject at a young age and in a condensed span of time.
2. This program is aimed at developing core competence in students making them worth embracing super specialisation programs in plant sciences offered worldwide
3. After completing this program students will have a huge global market in terms of job as well as admission opportunities in prestigious Plant Science and allied institutions
Integrated Post Graduate Program in Botany
1. It is a specialized five years masters program encompassing all aspects of plant sciences including their practical applications.
2. This is a specialized program which gives students an immense and elaborate understanding of plant Sciences, transforming them into real scholars of the subject.
3. This program is aimed at developing tremendous competence among students making them globally employable and making them fully capable to undertake research in any field of plant science in any part of the world.
4. After completing this program students will have a diverse and wide array of prestigious career/job opportunities available which they can undertake and serve the society.
5. After completing this program the students are expected to have acquired tremendous confidence and ability to excel in, and qualify different relevant competitive exams including the prestigious civil services.
2 Years Post Graduate Program in Botany
1. This is a well crafted program exposing students to all fundamental and applied aspects of plants sciences with an aim to achieve core and advanced knowledge and up to date level of understanding of plant sciences.
2. At the end of this program students are expected to have developed a vast knowledge base of the subject, increased capacity of creative thinking, communicative and experimentation skills.
3. After completing this program students will have a wide range of job opportunities in diverse fields ranging from academia to industry.

  1. Ph.D

    Khursheed Ahmad Ganaie
    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : Plant Reproductive Biology, Conservation Biology,

  2. Ph.D

    Associate Professor

    Domain : Conservation biology and Pharmacognosy of Medicinal Plants

  3. Ph.D

    Sheikh Javid
    Associate Professor

    Domain : Plant Physiology

  4. Ph.D

    Senior Assistant Professor


  5. Ph.D

    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Plant Tissue Culture

  6. Ph.D

    Mehraj u din Bhat
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Botany

The Department has a wide array of facilities aimed at facilitating effective teaching and excellent or efficient learning of plant sciences. These facilities include richly equipped and spacious labs, camera aided monitor display microscopes, spacious classrooms, a rich museum housing specimens and models, ethnographic museum, a herbarium housing herbarium specimens, audio-visual systems, a Botanical garden with a rich collection of plants, including a medicinal and aromatic plant section, a lily pond hosting hydrophytes, an algal pond, a rock garden, a fern house and many more assets of tremendous utility in teaching and training of students in plant sciences.
Audio-Visual aids available in the Department.
Two LCD Projectors, one Over head Projector, three televisions, two laptops, three PCs, an audio system, OH Projector based botanical transparency slides, Botany film cassettes, an Electronic interactive board, Camera aided microscopes with monitor display, still cameras, video cameras, bio-visual charts, models and specimens.
The department has two laboratories for students and a research lab as well. Lab I is designated as Junior laboratory and Lab II as Senior laboratory. The main equipment in these laboratories include
Seed germinator
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Bacteriological Incubators
Laminar air flow cabinet
Microwave oven
-20 0 C Deep freeze
Water analysis kit
Motorised pestle and mortar
Highly sensitive digital electronic balances
Distillation plants
CCTV aided Projection Microscope with video monitor
Projection microscope
Over head and LCD projectors
Electronic interactive board
Advanced student and research microscopes
Sterozome binoculars and trinoculars
Still and video cameras
Digital Dissolved oxygen metre, digital PH Metre