Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1961. Since then the Department is producing physics graduates without any stop, who are serving in different sectors at national/state level at reputed positions. Besides, some of these outgoing physics graduates have pursued research career in different branches of Physics at national/international level. The department today is an active beehive of academic activities carried out in wide variety of fields in physics at UG level. The faculty is also very active and plays a vital role in the academic development of the department. In this direction, the Department of physics has started two new courses from year 2020.
1. Three years (6 semester) full fledged course in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Honours)
2. Nanoscience as one of the subjects at UG level for B.Sc. Medical and Non- Medical streams.

To outreach the light of Physics, which is a fast developing subject & has an influence on nearly every aspect of life, to the common masses and to make students familiar with nature, natural phenomenon and natural laws through the prism of Physics and to improve their lives by tapping various natural resources and to reduce the impact of natural calamities and devastations.

Presently in addition to imparting knowledge at UG level, we are trying to launch an Honours Course in one of the new branches of Physics namely Nano- Science and Nano- Technology which will finally take the shape of a full-fledged integrated PG course in near future. We are also going to launch an Honours Course in Physics which will also gradually grow afterwards into a full-fledged PG integrated course in Physics.

1. Owing to experienced and well qualified teaching faculty, the Department is thinking of offering P.G programme in physics in near future. Also faculty is fully capable of conducting research work in Astrophysics, Astronomy and Material Sciences etc.
2. The Department is having two wellequipped spacious laboratories which help in conducting the practical part of the subject smoothly.
3. Academic autonomy to frame out the syllabus for various courses.
4. Balanced teacher student ratio.
5. Audio visual aids for better and effective demonstration.
6. Smart board.
1. No separate lecture theatre for theory classes, as the laboratories is used as two in one lecture theatres.
2. The Departmental staff room is having inadequate spacing and is without proper ventilation and lighting.
3. The Department is without a mechanic, who would take care of equipment repairing. It may not be out of question to mention here that many non-teaching posts which have fallen vacant due to retirement have not been made available to us from a pretty long time.
Introduction to various skill enhanced and job oriented courses like Basic instrumentation, Radiation Hazards and Safety Measures, Weather Forecasting, Renewable and Non-Renewable energy resources, Bio-Physics etc.
Challenges | Threats
With the onslaught of new computer related courses the student roll in this subject has decreased, so ways and means are to be devised to enhance the roll for which the job oriented courses and skill enhanced courses have become the need of the hour.

1. Three years (6 semester) full-fledged course in Nanoscience and NanoTechnology (Hons)
2. Nano as one of the subjects at UG level for B.Sc Medical and Non- Medical streams.
3. Physics as one of the subjects for BSC Non Medical Course (Six Semesters)

To prepare students for higher education and research in fields like space research, atomic energy research, atmospheric science research etc. as well as for employment in various technical & non-technical Departments.
a) After the completion of said courses the students will be sufficiently aware about the subject of physics and its laws.
b) How to use these laws in day to day life for the betterment of mankind.

  1. M.Sc Physics

    Sheikh Abid Hussain
    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : Physics

  2. Ph.D

    Ajaz Ahmad Dar
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Astrophysics and Astronomy

  3. Ph.D

    Abdul Wahid Bhat
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Astrophysics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics is well equipped with laboratory equipments like GM Counter, Hall Effect, Planck’s Constant, Stefan’s Constant, Linear air-trac, LASERs, Searl’s Apparatus, torisional pendulum, Yung’s Modulus, Milkan’s oil drop Method, e/m by J.J Thomson Method.
The Department is also having smart board for taking care in latest teaching learning process. In addition to that the department is has well established Still digital Photography Laboratory with high tech camera’s, Printers and Books.
Audio visual Aids
1. LCD Projectors
2. Over head Projectors
3. Smart Board